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I need a frame for my artwork

I would like to order a frame how do I get the correct size?


Simply measure your artwork, print or photo and buy the corresponding size frame.

For example if you have a photo 6×4 inches you should buy the same size frame 6×4 inches.  

We make our frames 2mm smaller than the actual size so it holds your artwork in place and it doesn’t fall through the frame!

Don’t forget if you have a border around your image, you need to consider whether you want the border shown.

Artwork with border

I need a mount and frame for my artwork

I would like to order a frame and mount, how do I get the correct size?

The first thing to do is accurately measure your artwork/print/photo – this will give you the internal mount size (to fit size).  

You will then need to consider how much mount you would like around your picture in order to get the external mount size (or picture frame size).  

This varies depending on the look you wish to create – some photos have very thin mount surrounds whereas some galleries display small artwork surrounded by very large boarders. Professional framers also consider a larger bottom boarder works well on certain artwork such as landscape pictures.  

Once you have your internal mount size you can browse the range of frames with mount for this size to give you an idea. 

I need a mount only

Please measure your artwork accurately to give you the internal mount size. Again, as above the external mount size is a matter of personal preference as to how much mount you would like showing.

If you already own a frame you would like to put the mount into, your external size of the mount would be the same as to the picture frame (glass size at the back of the frame – not the front size!).

Need Custom Sizing?

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