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Below are some of our commonly asked questions. 

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The ‘Moulding’ is what we in the industry refer to when talking about the actual frame material.

In our range this come as 19mm across or 28mm across, and both are 16mm deep.

Our sizes relate to the size in the back of the frame – the opening or glass size but never the front of the page.

Here are the steps:-

Firstly be careful if handling glass and always wear suitable gloves. Also have a clean surface to work on.

  1. Lay your frame down so the back is showing.
  2. You will see the black ‘pins’ which hold the glass and backing board in place –gently push these pins upright allowing you to remove the backing board.
  3. You now have the glass only in your frame.
  4. You will want to ensure your glass is clean – give it a wipe with a microfibre cloth to ensure no dust is caught in there. If you ordered Perspex, this will come with protective covers on each side. Please ensure you remove them – your Perspex may appear scratched/blurry until these are removed.
  5. Next lay your print down onto the glass/perspex.
  6. If you have a mount you will want to use some tape, to gently tape your artwork to the mount before inserting into the frame.
  7. Pick up your backing board and ensure your hanging clip is in the correct position (depending on whether you want to hang landscape or portrait) repossession if necessary.
  8. Gently replace the backing board back over the print.
  9. Gently push the black pins back into place.
  10. Your picture is ready to hang.

Frame Construction

Your frame comes with glass or Perspex, backing board and hanging clip (and of course a mount if ordered!).

Many think glass is superior to Perspex, however this is not the case.

In fact our quality framers Perspex is more expensive to us than framers glass.

Perspex has the benefit of being lighter and safer, should your frame accidentally be knocked over. 

We hope to have a selection of multi opening mounts available shortly but in the meantime, please contact us and we will be happy to assist

Polcore is recycled polystyrene, an alternative picture moulding material which is more cost effective than wood mouldings and is environmentally friendly.

We ask that you allow 2-3 days for dispatch of your item (although we always hope to dispatch quicker that this). 

We send our items via Royal Mail 48 for most items of DHL 24 for larger items.  

We also have a next day delivery option (available Monday to Thursday) if you purchase by 12.00pm.

Yes we offer next day delivery option (available Monday to Thursday) if you purchase by 12.00pm.

Yes, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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